Indy De La Luz

Illustration & Art History

Indy De La Luz is a Hispanic illustrator and art historian, graduating with a BFA and BA in May 2021. As an illustrator, art from Indy’s favorite game franchises like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy have always fascinated her. Utterly enamored with visual storytelling, Indy wanted to become a concept artist with a passion for world-building and character creation. Her BFA thesis work, Tokyo Rising, reflects this appreciation for vivid landscapes and dynamic characters by merging design concepts with those of fine arts to create illustrations that leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer.

As a scholar, Indy’s research interests are in Asian arts and focus primarily on Japanese animation (anime) and contemporary art. Her interest in anime as an art historical research topic bloomed when being just a viewer wasn’t enough; she sought to merge her love for the medium and art philosophy. As such, her BA thesis research focuses on the influences of a famous Japanese animation called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, its art-historical influences, and how its legacy affects popular culture today. In 2020 she was awarded a CU-Denver University Research Opportunity Program Grant to facilitate her thesis research.

Indy plans to participate in the Japan Exchange Teaching Program, apply to a graduate program abroad, and work as a freelance artist.